A relationship of trust is the foundation of every project.
Voltaire said that a translator should be chosen the same way as a friend. We have followed this idea in our working practices for over 15 years. We believe it is important to establish a relationship based on listening and trust before we start any project: accommodating all your requests from the beginning, but also making you aware that translating a text is often a complex business.

At Going Green Translations® we use colleagues who are experts in their fields, able to complete projects fast and with perfect results. We take only the time required to analyse, understand and translate effectively.
Our promise is: Our business is translating your business®. It is a serious duty which we pride ourselves on achieving to the full.
Our story
Going Green Translations® was founded at Teramo in 2002. Our founder and current Managing Director wanted to expand the translation and interpretation services available in the central Italian region of Abruzzo, where language services were hard to find.
Initially, we mainly supplied worked with more established agencies but we quickly developed a number of direct clients.
Now Going Green Translations® has a Managing Director who manages the business and the projects, an in-house project manager and translator and another two external project managers. Through an advanced management system, our project managers coordinate a network of 200 external translators, editors and interpreters.
Going Green Translations® is a member of Com&Tec (the Italian association for technical communication) and UNILINGUE (the national association of businesses providing language and conference services).