An unending dedication to top quality.
Ever since it was founded, Going Green Translations® has focussed on providing quality services. We knew that the only way to enter, become established and survive in the international market was to provide better quality than our competitors.

A way of thinking that has won us ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Our check-list
Our check-list for ensuring top quality in our work includes:
– internal or external editing of all translations entrusted to us;
– compiling a short manual for editors;
– regular exchange of information with both translators (who are invited to ask questions in case of uncertainty) and clients;
– preparing a feedback questionnaire for clients;
– for high-volume commissions, offering clients preliminary meetings to plan the work (time-scales, stakeholders, project management, glossaries).
A network you can trust: our guarantee of quality
We select our interpreters, translators and editors according to strict criteria. We require them all to meet the following criteria:
– at least 5 years’ experience in their specialist field;
– translating into their mother-tongue;
– familiar with the most common CAT tools;
– willing to carry out a test translation.