Responding clearly to your needs
The approach we take to our work is precisely what you would expect from an organised and competent translation agency. We ensure a realistic time-scale, respect the agreed budget and provide a quality product. At Going Green Translations® we undertake to be partners you can trust.
Our first step is to assign your project to a project manager who will prepare a quote, organise the work and select the language professionals (translators, editors, etc.), based on the combination of languages requested, the area of specialisation and the size of the job. They will also take care of the time-scale and quality control and handle communication between the client, translators and editors. The project manager will therefore be your first point of contact.
Everything under control
Once the translation is finished, an editor will check the work for completeness, grammatical correctness, spelling, style, terminology and any translation errors, as well as making sure it follows the instructions, style guide, reference material and any glossaries supplied to Going Green Translations® by the client. Cooperation between the editor, project manager and translators working on the same project is strongly encouraged.